Country of Purchase

We are able to despatch items to pretty much any country in the world but in order to do this most efficiently we need to know which country you are purchasing from.  By selecting your country from the drop down list you will allow us to ascertain whether UK VAT should be charged and which shipping options are most appropriate to your order.

UK VAT will only be charged on orders from countries within the EU.  Any purchase made from outside the EU will be charged at a 0 rate of VAT and the product Net amounts will be used.

European Orders:
Orders from non UK European countries will carry a slightly higher charge to cover the additional Royal Mail Airmail costs.  

Worldwide Orders:
Orders from non European countries can be accepted but will be subject to our World Wide Royal Mail Airmail costs.

All shipping options are available at the checkout.  Please ensure you select the correct country so that we can provide the best possible service without delays.